Quebec City’s New France Festival

As I passed through the gateway of the oldest walled city in North America, I could hear a buzz of excitement. Hoards of visitors swarmed the cobblestone streets. They had come to Canada to join the people of Quebec City in the celebration of their French heritage. For 15 years, the citizens of the UNESCO-protected […]

Lobster Dinners in Maine

If you love lobster, get thee to Maine. They can be found in every seafood restaurant and even in McDonald’s. The best news is that the cost for lobsters in Maine is quite reasonable. I also learned they are fresher in Maine, meaning more tender and better tasting. How can that be when we see […]

Milwaukee’s Safe House

If you like make-believe, (and I do,) you should stop by the Safe House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that was established in 1966. I had been there years ago, and was pleased to find it still around. That proves the sustainability of good things. The popular club/restaurant has a classic spy theme — shades of James […]